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Confidence and Self Esteem

Feeling low in confidence or self-esteem?

Self confidence and self esteem are not the same. Some people can be quite confident, but still struggle with self esteem (how much you like yourself). Both confidence and esteem can be improved. NLP (Neuro linguistic techniques) techniques can be used to help with events and situations, where confidence is an issue. Maybe a presentation at work, or a job interview, speech at a wedding are just some instances of where people can struggle with confidence. Coping techniques can be learned to deal with such events. NLP is even more effective when used together with hypnosis.

Self esteem can be increased too. Its all too easy to fall into distorted thinking patterns. Repetitive patterns of thinking are very common, but when they are unhelpful and negative its useful to know that they can be changed and replaced. If you realise you always blame yourself when things go wrong, or spend time, discounting the positive, criticising yourself to the point where you feel hopeless, shameful or damaged you might like to consider hypnotherapy.