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Hypnobirthing Package

Hypnobirthing Package

This package consists of three hypnotherapy sessions. The first ideally in early-pregnancy. The second in mid pregnancy and the third close to the due date.

The first session would be discussing and setting realistic goals of how you would like the birth to be. Also discussing how to accept if there are problems with the expected delivery, and recognising that medical intervention is NOT a failure. Looking at the birth process, and any fears you or your partner might have. This could be with your birth partner or on your own.

The second session would be preparation for delivery. Visualisation is powerful, when we expect something to be a certain way, we tend to behave in a way that makes that expectation come true. Hence the term self-fulfilling prophecy. Looking at beliefs and expectations about the birth, (which are often negative can be changed). 

All sessions will finish with hypnosis. Hypnosis will be used to help you get into a healthy mindset. This can be recorded on your mobile/tablet, to take away with you and listen to as often as required. You can bring your partner with you to any or all sessions.