Here is what some of my clients have said:

Weight Management

“Dear Ann
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that things are still going in the right direction. I have now lost about 2 stone (many thanks for your help) and am due a hip replacement, most likely in Dec, Jan or possible Feb. The lower weight is, I am assured, going to be a great advantage, so many thanks for helping me to get back on the right track.”

Fear of Travel, Anxiety

“You’ll be glad to hear I managed to fly to the Canaries with only a mild wobble on the way there, no problems on the way back. I have also been on trains, buses and the Underground without any issues, and am generally calmer at work and home (although changes in staff have contributed to this as well!) I have even managed to go up to the 10th floor in a lift on my own.
This all sounds rather pathetic, but a year ago I couldn’t do any of these things without major anxiety.
Thank you for what you have done, I will have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Recent IBS client

“I went on holiday a few weeks ago for one week. We have an absolutely wonderful holiday and really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Our flight home was on a Monday morning at 02.45am. We were feeling very tired the night before and decided to have a nap at 10pm for an hour and we set two alarms on my phone. For some reason or other, the alarm was ridiculously quiet and failed to wake us up after the hour! We eventually woke up on our own at 01.40 and absolutely panicked (as you can imagine). Long story short, we had a very helpful man at reception who got us a taxi and we managed to get to the airport by 2am – still 45 minutes until the flight was due to depart.
There were around five staff behind the check-in desk, who told us check-in had closed ten minutes before we got there! I couldn’t speak for a while (think I was just in shock!) and we sat in the café area and looked for the next flight home. The next flight was the following evening (Tuesday night) and cost a whole lot more than the entire holiday had cost us. We had no choice but to book the flight because we desperately needed to get home, so we booked that and then decided to go back by bus to the area of **** we were staying in previously.
Once we got back and booked into an apartment, I really got so stressed out and was feeling so panicky at the thought of being stuck there, the thought of the money we had just had to spend, and what everyone at work would say, the fact that I had no holiday left to take, etc. etc. Basically I worked myself into a bit of a state. Then *** said to me “why don’t you try the technique’s Anne taught you”. So I went into the apartment on my own and did the “even though… I deeply and completely accept myself” various times. I then practiced the calm anchor once I had finished that, and I have to say I felt like a huge weight had lifted from my shoulders. I felt confident, calm, and sure that we could work everything out just fine (which we have by the way!).
So I just wanted to say thank you so very much, because without these techniques I would have probably spent the following two days I a state alternating between panic and anger.”

Fear and anxiety of cats and dogs, (from the mother of a child client)

“We have had a wonderful summer full of family bikerides! We have been to his feared local park on foot and on our bikes. This has meant we have encountered lots of dogs on and off leads. It has been amazing and I’m so proud of him! I know he is sometimes still nervous but he is coping so well and enjoying being out and about!
We have visited his cousin’s house where they have 2 cats. Normally J…. will not go upstairs on his own or cannot be left in any room by himself. If the cat even comes into the garden when we are outside he panics … Not anymore!!! He is so much more relaxed!
He was feeling sick and headachey last week (the day before we returned to school) and I questioned whether it was how he feels when he gets worried about things. He thought it might be so I suggested he went and listened to your first recorded hypno session which was about his happy place. He went to his room, listened to you and came out full of smiles! I asked him if it helped and he said Oh Yes!
Thank you so much for your help and for giving me my happy little boy back! I’m sure we still have a way to go with some things but we have the tools now, and he know he can do it!”


“After being diagnosed with Anxiety I decided to seek an alternative to medication. I found Ann on the Internet she called me right back and we set a consultation appointment, I have to admit to being a little nervous, but I needn’t have worried. Ann soon put my mind at rest! I have four sessions with Ann, and the end result is I feel a lot better and if you practice what she teaches everybody has said how different I am I would not hesitate to recommend Ann’s Talent.”

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