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Weight Management

Manage your weight problems with hypnotherapy

In hypnotherapy sessions, I can help you to tackle weight problems. Changing the way you think about your body image and weight can make a huge difference. Many people find that diets alone are not enough. Typically they lose weight for a while on the diet, but as soon as they stop the diet the weight returns and often increases. They go back to the old habits of eating that caused the weight in the first place.

It is not unusual for people to get ‘stuck’ in the yo-yo dieting cycle. Most diets will help people lose weight for a while, but what happens when the diet stops? If changes to their relationship with food have not been made then the weight will return. A fresh approach is needed.

What would change with the hypnotherapy approach?

The first thing I look at with clients is how long weight has been an issue. Is it since childhood? Or did it start at a later date? Together we can look at what drives the overweight, what triggered it in the first place. Is it poor eating habits learned in childhood? Habits can be changed. Or is it emotional eating. It is not an unusual response to comfort eat instead of dealing directly with emotions and feelings. Motivation can also be a big issue. Some people set themselves unrealistic goals about how quickly they can loose weight, and then get disheartened when this doesn’t happen in the hoped for time frame. The hypnotherapy part of any session can be used to help you get motivated to move to healthy eating habits, to get started with exercise. I encourage clients to record the hypnosis part of any session. Then they have that customised recording to listen to often and reinforce the new learning and keep the motivation going. With some clients a couple of sessions can be enough to help them achieve the change into a healthier lifestyle that changes their life for ever.

Improve your physical health by:

  • Managing your weight
  • Becoming motivated to exercise
  • Replacing old unhelpful habits with new helpful habits
  • Cutting back with alcohol
  • Dealing directly with emotions, (rather than turning to food)

Emotional health and weight

Did you know the human body isn’t that good at knowing the difference between hunger and thirst? Many people eat, when they really need to drink, especially water. Emotions and weight problems are often related. It’s very easy to eat when you are: bored, depressed, lonely etc? Feelings can leave you with that sense of some kind of dissatisfaction with your life that appears to be satisfied by food. But the food is eaten and the feeling is still there. Learning to confront your emotions directly can in itself help some to lose weight. Therapy sessions give clients a chance to step back and view their life as it is, when you can see yourself as you are, it becomes possible to change to who you want to be.